A New Montessori School opens in Cagayan de Oro

BMPS – an authentic Montessori school is now open in Cagayan de Oro City.

Photo by Joan Merced Sheng (D’ Geek Mom Blog)

The Bontilao Montessori Primary School is now open in the City of Golden Friendship – Cagayan de Oro. The BMPS is a branch of Bontilao Montessori Academy in Lanipao, Lanao del Norte.

A Montessori Education is based on “self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and collaborative play” which is a student-led learning with a guidance of a trained teacher. The activities follows age-appropriate process where children are taught life skills with proper guidance. The person who discovered this type of learning was Dr. Maria Montessori. (source: montessori-nw.org)

In the photo (L-R): Derek Ramsay, Tala Bontilao, Dr. Lu of PDA, Dr. Santiago Bontilao, and Dr. Giovanni Bontilao. (Photo by Joan Merced Sheng)

Ms. Natala Catherine Ramsay-Bontilao together with her spouse Dr. Giovanni Bontilao started the only Montessori school in Lanao, aiming to provide quality education for their own kids and the youth in their neighboring community. The branch here is owned through a family partnership where they are looking forward to providing Montessorian education that is affordable for Kagayanons and Misamis Oriental.

Ms. Tala with the Ramsay Family and Dr. Johnny Lu of PDA. (Photo by Joan Merced Sheng)

The opening was held last March 8, 2019, Saturday and participated by the Ramsay Family, friends, business partners, PDA members, and the press. The ribbon cutting was initiated by Dr. Santiago Bontilao, Dr. Johnny Lu of PDA, and Derek Ramsay (Ms. Tala’s brother). The ceremonial blessing is led by Rev. Fr. Fermin Tan, SSJV of St. John Vianney Parish, Xavier Heights, Upper Balulang.

Ceremonial Blessing of the Classrooms and Facilities. (Photo by Joan Merced Sheng)

Ms. Natala formally opened the program and introduced the classes offered at BMPS. She is a licensed Montessori teacher, which she acquired after her studies at North America Montessori Center in Canada. She is also the school directress of Bontilao Montessori Academy. Both she and his brother graduated in a Montessori school in Metro Manila.

Mr. Ramsay Sr. gives an inspirational message that warms Ms. Natala’s (her daughter) heart and expressed his full support for the school’s success. (Photo by Joan Merced Sheng)

The Bontilao Montessori Primary School is now accepting enrollees for summer class which will start by April 24 and for regular classes in the school year 2019-2020. For more information, visit them on the 2nd floor of PDA building, Masterson Avenue, Cagayan de Oro (within Pontefino townhouse development and DILG X). Also, call them at 0917-7163964 or 0915-2057059, or visit their website http://www.bontilaomontessori.com.

BMPS is located at the corner of Pontefino Townhouse Project, Masterson Avenue, near SM CDO Uptown. (Photo by Joan Merced Sheng)

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The school’s main stairway. (Photo by Joan Merced Sheng)

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