ECCP’s Forum on Urban Gardening and Organic Farming

The European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP) is a “bilateral foreign chamber that promotes European interests in the country and vice versa.”

They offer a strong business netwo rk between its members and clients by providing business matching, market briefings and research, access to business opportunities, and customized training solutions. 

Gov. Leo Ocampus showed the proper execution on organic farming and urban gardening.

ECCP Services includes partner search, market scanning, training programs, and events management. Part of the organization’s mission is the continuous support and ties of their members and clients to conduct forums that focus on advocacies and business opportunities. 

Last July 19, 2019, the ECCP Cagayan de Oro held a forum on Urban Gardening and Agriculture Entrepreneurship with guest speaker and ECCP member Governor Loretos Leo S. Ocampos. Gov. Leo has been a farmer for more than 30 years and the owner of Hoyohoy Organic Farm in Tangub, Misamis Occidental. He was in the Government Service as Vice Governor for 18 years in Misamis Occidental and elected as Governor for 9 years. 

The former governor also showcased his farm of how Agriculture Entrepreneurship works and how to become a successful “agri-preneur”. He said, “an Agriculture with no business, it will die, if a business does not have agriculture and science, it will die.”  He enthusiastically shared his tips on organic farming and livestock that triggered interest in participants through agriculture entrepreneurship. 

Why Organic Farming? According to Gov. Leo, nature has offered bounty and beauty, why not make the most of out it and take care of its health and environment. Use natural and biological approaches to nurture the soil, crops, and farm animals. Farming is also a good option for retirement, as a sideline income, and can be enjoyed too. 

The 7 M’s of dealing with Agricultural Business. In this industry, other than hard work and perseverance, it is also important to have (1) a mindset or perspective; (2) know your target market; (3) invest or have enough money to start, (4) prepare the materials, (5) manpower, and (6) machines; and lastly, (7) learn basic methods and techniques in farming or growing a livestock. “Singularity and clarity of purpose” is the key to starting an agri-business or any form of business as the speaker emphasizes. 

With Urban Gardening, Gov. Leo emphasized the individual’s creativity and follow the organic farming techniques to grow healthy and safe vegetables at home. “Always have a master plan before starting your own farm or pursuing organic farming business,” he said. It is also important to do “research or visit farms to learn different types of techniques.”

Becoming a Member of ECCP
A brief introduction of what is ECCP and its membership offering is discussed by Ms. Mercedes Mejia, Managing Director of SLERS Foods, Inc. and the ECCP CDO/NM Business Council Chairman from 2017 to present. 

Mrs. Mercedes Mejia discussed who ECCP, what are the groups’ focus

She mentioned that ECCP has established a network in five cities and provinces in the Philippines namely Manila, Cebu, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, and Clark. Started in 1978, right now there are about 800 corporate partners and premium members nationwide and around the globe. In CDO, one of their associate members is CEPALCO, which is the venue partner of the forum, alongside with Seda, Capitol University, A Brown Company, Inc., SLERS, Handmade Paper Crafts, Caurus Arion Trading Corporation, SPower Solutions, and Northern Mindanao Federation of Dairy Cooperatives. 

ECCP Branch Officer for CDO Ms. Joanne Natindim.

Each member is covered with benefits that allow them to make connections with clients and other businesses, event participation, training and seminars, promotions and support, and trade fair participation. 

Guest Speaker Gov. Leo Ocampos with ECCP, CEPALCO and forum participants.

For more information about the ECCP membership, events, and programs, contact Joanne Natindim, Branch Officer for CDO through email address Feel free to visit their website at

Credits: This article was published on print for Mindanao News Daily, issue July 25, 2019.  

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