Getting Insurance Plan for Single-Earning Families is Now Possible with FWD

Most Filipino families have a single income earning member. Whether the mother or father or a child who’s working and work amends for the family. Getting accident insurance (or any form of insurance) is not a priority. 

One main reason why most families do not apply for accident insurance is due to limited financial resources. Monthly income is only suited to basic needs and other necessities. As a stay-at-home parent, I too experienced such struggle and getting insurance is a bit challenging for me. 

Good thing I came across with FWD‘s affordable and hassle-free insurance plans that best suit my budget. With this, FWD got us covered with its KanDuu accident insurance plans with the lowest rates annually. 

Here are the three plans that you can choose from: 

This plan covers protection from 42 critical illnesses that require no medical tests to process the application.

KanLive + Reward
This plan covers your family financially in terms of unthinkable happenings or incidents.

KanGuard + Reward
Traveling or not, get prepared with this plan which provides payouts for accidents or terror attacks.

All of these plans are worth 1799 pesos only! Affordable and easy to apply. The Shop@FWD has made the insurance application more accessible. 

How do I get insured in an instant? Just follow these steps. 

Step 1: Choose which plan you want to avail of. (I chose KanGuard since we travel every day for school, work and family side trips) 

Step 2: Fill-up the application form with key information needed. Get ready to have a digital copy of any registered identification as it is one requirement to process your application.

Step 3: Process the payment online with debit or credit options and get confirmed online.

Shop@FWD is also accessible through their mobile app which means applying for insurance is now made easy without breaking your budget. 

Indeed, I can quickly secure myself and my family with FWD’s KanDuu Insurance plans and so I “CAN DO” the things I want with no worries.

Get your family secured today with FWD’s KanDuu Insurance Plans. Log on to FWD’s website to find more options and get to know more information.

(Next, I will show you the benefits and importance of getting insurance plans on my next blog.) 

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