The Benefits of Getting an FWD Insurance Plan

In securing your family’s future, you will provide them the basic things they need – food, shelter, clothing, and education. Nowadays, it includes health plans and accident insurance

With FWD Insurance Plans, Filipinos can now avail of an affordable plan with a hassle-free process and application.

Why is it important to have insurance? After getting married, I have been invited to attend insurance seminars giving me an idea of why it is important in securing your family’s future.

Today, it is vital to have accident insurance apart from health and life plan.

With this, Shop@FWD offers affordable options such as the KanDuu plans that cost at Php 1799 annually. (I enrolled for KanGuard which is vital for me and my family.)

Here are the two (2) benefits of having accident insurance:

Global Coverage. Whenever we travel, rest assured that FWD’s KanDuu financial and disability support worth Php 500,000.

Assured Protection. The FWD KanGuard assures that my family is covered from unthinkable incidents.

Still skeptical? Just think of your family’s future and enroll in an FWD Insurance Plan today.

Find out more about FWD’s Kanduu options at

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