ECCP’s Coffee Morning Tackles Impact Investment

The European Chamber of Commerce or ECCP Northern Mindanao held another coffee morning topic which gave emphasis on the impact investing opportunities for SMEs.

August 30, 2019 – One of the chamber’s services for its partners and members is the opportunity to learn on programs that will bring good impact to their businesses or institution.

Held at the Xavier Sport and Country Club in Cagayan de Oro City, ECCP in collaboration with Capital 4 Development Partners discussed the investment opportunities of SMEs and its impact towards the world economy

With guest speaker Ms. Nicole “Koko” Basille de Vera, the Investment Associate of Capital 4 Development Partners or C4D explained that “the SMEs are the driving force towards change” especially in the economy.

Ms. De Vera discussed Impact Investing and C4Ds role to SMEs. (Photo by Joanne Natindim)

What are SMEs Characteristics?
These SMEs are the “drivers of economic diversification and resilience” and are the engine of innovation. Many of big companies to date have filed bankruptcy due to global financial crisis or lack of innovation. SMEs are key employers of skilled workers especially if the business is inclined to technology. Some, if not all, SMEs will become venture capitalists and are working towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

How do SMEs finance their business?
These SMEs have options on where or how to get investments in getting started and all boils down to traditional source of funding. Most of them lend money from family and friends or through banks which charge them 8-10% interest rate per annum. Financial or money investment is one of the challenges that every SMEs encounter.

What is Impact Investment?
With Impact Investment, the approach is to select where a business or company have social and/or environmental impact. With C4D Partners’ Impact Investment study, SMEs and cooperatives are “always viewed as high risk” with their access to the mainstream finance is very limited.

How will Impact Investment help SMEs?
The C4D Impact Investment will help these SMEs find the “appropriate and flexible funding” that will effectively address growth. Also, provide business advice to “better manage their growth.” One of the company’s goal is to improve the market position of under-served suppliers and entrepreneurs – its product and services are affordable and of good quality.

A group photo with the guest speaker and ECCP personalities.
(Photo by Karl Butaslac or Kickstarter Karl)

Get to know more about Impact Investing or other alternative financing schemes with C4D Partners, feel free to visit their website

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