My BlogaFest 2019 Diary: Experiences and Takeaways

Blogapalooza, established in 2011 is the Philippines’ first and largest networking and marketing event for businesses and influencers, holds BlogaFest last November 23, 2019 at the City of Dreams Manila.

This is my first time to join a BlogaFest and I enjoyed the experience in getting to know the blogging community of the Philippines, met new people, and future business partners.

I first heard about this event through my colleagues in the organization – the CDO Bloggers, and being one of the chosen attendees is such a huge honor for me.

My Key Takeaways

Know your craft. Listening to one of the panel speakers, I learned that it is important to get to know what is your real purpose in blogging. Finding your niche is part of it but most important is how your show sincerity and respect in doing this kind of business or to become an influencer.

Practice courtesy and authenticity. Aside from knowing your purpose, it is important to show courtesy to your peers, colleagues, and to your business partners as well as to your audience. Make sure that your material showcases authenticity (if not original) that represents who you are and your real purpose.

Truly, my first BlogaFest experience is one for the books and I am looking forward to be part of this event in the coming years. I am so blessed to be a part of the biggest influencer community. Thank you BlogaFam!

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