VIMCREEK Marketing Services launches Design Studio, Elephants Are Welcome

A Cagayan de Oro-based digital marketing team – VIMCREEK Marketing Services have officially launched the new design studio ERW or Elephants Are Welcome, on May 18, 2022, at Cucina Higala.

Henny Lim : VIMCREEK Co-Founder

Since 2016, VIMCREEK Marketing Services have been assisting brands and businesses small or large, come up with unified marketing strategies and campaigns to help them better communicate with their target customers.

Jason Lim and Henny Lim: VIMCREEK & ERW Founders

As shared by Jane Dy, an entrepreneur based in Northern Mindanao during the launch, when she started working with VIMCREEK her brands have reached a wide coverage within her target geographic location helping her businesses reach her target market.  She was proud to share that she has been working with the dynamic team since its initiation.

Founders Henny Lim and Jason Lim started the marketing firm with clients in Cebu and Cagayan de Oro needing their expertise in web development and marketing campaigns, paving way for them to expand their services adding design-focused social media marketing, product packaging, and press previews.

VIMCREEK’s vision is to help businesses effectuate cohesive messages through cost-efficient marketing campaigns in assisting their sales forces.

On May 18, 2022, VIMCREEK officially launched its creative studio, Elephants are Welcome bringing in new partners: Paola Agpawa and Russel Alonzo of The Story Machine-Illustration Duo.  The creative studio is a safe space for creatives aimed to solve visual communication challenges, from full branding and identity down to packaging designs, guerrilla ads, and tailor-fit event key visuals.

ERW aims to make intentional designs welcoming collaborative ideas from both the brand and the creative team.

Paola Agpawa: Co-Founder and Art Director

Driven by passion and collaboration ERW Creative Studio focuses on helping entrepreneurs bridge the gap between their brand and audience through design.

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ERW Elephants are Welcome
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